November 2014
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Dallas ISD responds to spike in prescription drug use at high school

Search in school



DALLAS –– Dallas Independent School District officials have met with parents to address concerns over a growing amount of Thomas Jefferson High School students found to be abusing the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

“They stop every single person. They go through your backpack; they go through your pockets,” said senior Luis Virgn. “Two weeks ago we had some issues with students overdosing.”

The district reports 30 incidents involving the prescription drug this semester compared to just 10 the semester prior. On Tuesday, Dallas Independent School District officials searched students and their backpacks as [...]

Heroic K-9 Thor Drops Opening Puck at Stockton Thunder Game




STOCKTON (CBS13) — A heroic police dog dropped the puck at a Stockton Thunder game on Saturday.

Thor was hailed for his efforts subduing a man who reached for his gun while being sought by police for a restraining order violation.

Video released by the team shows Thor taking the puck and tossing it onto the ice toward the Stockton Thunder captain and left wing Garet Hunt. When presented with the puck a second time, he sent it right back onto the ice.

Police were responding to a report of a restraining order violation on East Hazelton [...]

Volusia deputy, K-9 find mobile meth lab during traffic stop

Volusia County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit (FL)

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit (FL)


By Tiffany Walden / Orlando Sentinel

A deputy dog sniffed out a car in a Friday traffic stop in Deltona and found muriatic acid, Coleman camp fuel and other elements used to make methamphetamine.

Two passengers inside the mobile meth lab — Billy Hayes, 42, and Jason Knope, 31 — were arrested and sent to Volusia County Jail on various drug charges, including methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia possession.

Volusia County deputies did not provide any information about the driver of the car.

When a deputy pulled over the car around 4 [...]

K-9 fired for slacking off work to play with soda cans

Gulfport K-9 Fred fired, starts playing with soda cans

K-9 Fred from Gulfport PD fired, starts playing with soda cans

Dog being sent back to company that trained him


By Anita Lee / Sun Herald

GULFPORT — As police K-9s go, Fred’s a dud.

The Gulfport Police Department is sending the Belgian Malinois back from whence he came, U.S. K-9 Unlimited in Kaplan, La., Chief Leonard Papania said.

Fred was given the chance to turn things around, Papania said. It just wasn’t happening.

He said the city paid $12,000 to $13,000 for Fred two years ago. That included his training at K-9 Unlimited, considered an excellent school [...]

4 officers, K-9 injured in melee with naked teen

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit

Four Fla. deputies were injured after tangling with a young man that walked into a home, began ranting gibberish and stripped naked before fighting them


By Sonja Isger / The Palm Beach Post

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Four Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies were injured after tangling with a young man they say walked into someone’s home in suburban Lake Worth on Saturday, began ranting gibberish and eventually stripped naked before fighting them in the backyard.

It was the second time in a week that deputies have encountered what [...]

Camden K-9 holds state record for nabbing suspects

K9 officer Zero searches an empty home

K9 officer Zero searches an empty home

Andy McNeil / Courier Post


A giant Build-A-Bear with teeth.

That’s how Camden County Police Sgt. Zsakhiem James describes his K-9 partner, Zero.

When the black Czech shepherd joined the department in August 2007, Camden hadn’t had a K-9 patrolling its streets in a dozen years.

Residents, as James recalled, were shocked. But as they walked along Mount Ephraim Avenue Thursday, it was clear the city has embraced the dog and his 43-year-old handler.

Passersby greeted the pair, yelling out Zero’s name. Wide-eyed school children shuffled up the icy [...]

K-9 POW: Military dog captured by Taliban fighters (Video)

Military Working Dog held hostage by Taliban

Military Working Dog held hostage by Taliban


By Ernesto Londoño / Washington Post

In the annals of prisoner-of-war videos, this seems to be a first. A slightly befuddled-looking Belgian Malinois appears on a tight leash, surrounded by heavily armed, bearded men boasting of their battlefield loot.

Wearing a black protective vest, the dog wags its tail at certain points and appears more confused than terrified as its captors showcase specialized rifles and a global positioning device with a blinking light that they say came attached to the canine.

“Allah gave victory to the mujahideen!” one of [...]

Sgt. Cory Wride laid to rest among outpouring of support

Sgt. Cory Wride

Sgt. Cory Wride


Fox 13

SPANISH FORK, Utah — A sergeant with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office was laid to rest Wednesday after he was shot to death while on duty last week.

Funeral services were held for Sgt. Cory Wride were held Wednesday at the UCCU Events Center at Utah Valley University in Orem.

A large funeral procession, including hundreds of law enforcement vehicles, then traveled to Spanish Fork Cemetery.

Sheriff Alden Orme of Juab County was one who attended, and he spoke about the outpouring of support from the community.

“For the citizens to [...]

New Avon, Spring Lake K9 Units among training graduates

New Avon, Spring Lake graduates

New Avon, Spring Lake graduates

By Ashley Peskoe /


“Trust your dog.”

That was advice K9 training graduation speaker Wall Police Chief Robert Brice wanted to leave with the group of handlers.

Brice also told the graduates and their families that having a K9 is a complete commitment, as the dog goes home and lives with the family each night.

Wall Police has three K9 dogs, one for bomb sniffing and two for patrol and narcotics.

Brice, who is a former K9 handler himself, said the K9 unit is an asset to the agency.

“Our [...]

K-9 Alerts Agents to 3,000 Pounds of Marijuana

Border security agents stop a truck at a checkpoint

Border security agents stop a truck at a checkpoint



FALFURRIAS – The driver of a tractor-trailer is in custody, after Border Patrol agents found thousands of pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.

The drugs were found at the Falfurrias checkpoint yesterday. A Border Patrol spokesman said a K-9 alerted agents to the semi. Agents searched it and seized more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana. The drugs have a street value of $2.5 million.

The bulk of the pot was mixed within pallets of soup and cookies. Several duffle bags were also found in the sleeper [...]